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Are you looking for a locksmith near me to fix your transponder key? Do you need help programming your transponder keys?

Handyman Locksmith Houston TX, has a team of specialized locksmith who is ready to provide you with the best transponder key repair in Houston, Texas. Call us now to get your key.


No Transponder Key? No Problem

Transponder keys are an essential part of any modern vehicle. The transponder key is designed to provide you with comfort and safety. Every key is programmed to match only one key, and each key has a unique code to connect effectively with the vehicle with no problem. Without the key, it’s impossible to get into the car to get it to work.

Sometimes, the key requires battery replacement, and sometimes they stop working entirely. Whether you’re the first or the latter, the Locksmith Houston IN team will provide you with an exact copy of your transponder key and reprogram it to connect with your car with no problems. Lost your key? Get your new one now.


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Trusted Transponder Key Service

Handyman Locksmith Houston TX, has been providing automotive transponder key service for more than +10 years. We have excellent knowledge of almost all car types, and we always stay updated with the new systems. You can be sure that we will provide you with any transponder key service you’re looking for in Houston, Texas, for example, transponder key programming.

We can also provide you with new transponder keys for your lost or stolen ones, a replacement for faulty transponder keys, worn out transponder key blade replacement as well as replacement for your key battery. Call us now and schedule your visit with us and get your key back to work.


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With us, you will enjoy a high-quality product at cheap prices.


Call Handyman Locksmith Houston TX, and get all the locks in your house rekeyed today.

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we will provide you with a professional and certified locksmith service in Houston, Texas.

Ignition Key

will repair any ignition problems you have from ignition repair, key replacement, or theft damage repair.

Transponder Key

We ready to provide you with the best transponder key repair in Houston, Texas.

You Can Get Any Key For Any Car

Calling your dealership to get a new transponder key is more expensive than you imagine. It’s never time to waste extra cash. Save your money and get the same quality and efficiency with Handyman Locksmith Houston TX. We will repair your transponder key, program it and even replace it. No matter what problem you have with your key, we always have a fix for it.

We also have keys for any brand you need: Chrysler transponder key, Dodge transponder key, Jeep or Jma transponder key, you name it, and we will make it true. Get professional maintenance for your transponder key today from a top locksmith company at the cheapest prices in Houston, Texas.


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